12-11-2016 It was

I always wonder how people continue with this relationship called Long distance relationship because for a person like me who is totally an extremist I would always want my loved ones to be near me. For me out of sight is out of mind but when I saw a friend of mine managing since 4 years with her love from Bangalore to Delhi then I always used to wonder that how do they manage.

But today when he is not in the city and thanks to his perfect connection he has low signals or no signals and I am curious to know where is he right now , I am getting irritated with the fact that he is nowhere around and shit ! he is not even a phone call away. A sudden thought that came into my mind was what if it’s for forever, What if he goes out of sight forever? What if he never calls me back? What if I found myself crying after two days for him? What if he has stopped loving me? What if he forgets every coffee and samosa we had together? What if he forgets our first and last kiss? What if he just switches his mood and says he doesn’t want to be with me anymore? And what if I could never ever see him again? And a tear rolled down. Being an extremist is really tough , you actually start thinking too much it’s either too worse or either too good.

With all those thoughts the day passed away and as I sat in my garden wondering how difficult it is to love someone and then that person leaves you and moves on from you forever. How it would feel and suddenly my phone rang it was a video call ring on my facebook and as I received the call he was there on the other side – Smartly dressed, with his grey sweatshirt ,big specs, and his magical smile , and as soon as i looked at him he smiled and waved me like a kid.

After a small conversation as I disconnected the call he left my face with a smile and I have got my answer. That’s how my friend and many other like her manage.

All I learned from 12-11-2016 was

Love is not about managing or giving receiving or even talking. Loving is all about feeling, faith, belief, trust and that connect. That’s it.

Love is not complicated, people are!


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