She was She !


Heartbreak never broke her. But her low bank balance did. She stayed up late not for her social sites but her important emails. Every day she dressed herself the best not for a date but for her conference room. Success has always been her first and last love. She showed everyone that being a girl doesn’t affect you in any way. It’s our body which creates the difference. She was slowly and steadily turning into a role model for others.

But today when she sat in a dark room with tears in her eyes, having 125 missed calls 200 unanswered messages and her staff and clients talking about her heartbreak, her being so rude, men talking about how these ambitious girls should be handled etc., she was just crying her heart out when suddenly a flashback ran into her mind.


Maya I was busy. (arjun said irritatingly)

So was I Arjun.

Then why you called me up so many times?

I was worried Arjun, its been 24 hours and you haven’t answered any of my call and messages. (Maya trying to be calm)

So what Maya? Work comes first.

I know this better than you, but you could have just answered and told me that.

Maya, please don’t eat my head, you can’t dominate every time.

ARJUN, I am not dominating. I was worried yar. (Maya explained with tears)

Oh don’t be worried then, I can’t take your headache anymore.

Really Arjun, you just said head ache?

Yes, Headache you are!

Oh so, where was this headache word gone when you and I shared the same bed? Where was this headache when you were shattered and I was the one who stood for you and brought your depressed life back to the original life? Where was this headache gone, when you promised me to marry? Where was this headache when you ………………? (Maya questioned in anger losing her self-control throwing her pen)

Maya, just get lost.

But Arjun!

*Call disconnected *


It’s been 15 days Maya has been calling Arjun and with every unanswered phone call and WhatsApp her hope from life died. Maya loved Arjun the way she loved those meetings and conference rooms. But today on her birthday, it’s 5 pm and Maya is sitting in her huge purple colored wall room in between of those broken and shattered flower vases, bookshelves, gifts from Arjun and is looking at her phone waiting for him to wish her. Teary eyed Maya looked still the most beautiful girl in that room in yellow linen top and her cotton white plazo. But suddenly she started walking in her room searching for that card Arjun gifted her last year and while she anxiously searched for that card here in there her eyes struck that little black dress that her father had gifted her on her first success of cracking a business deal worth 50 lakhs.


Maya suddenly forgot the pain of heartbreak and pulled that dress out recollected every moment of happiness of that evening her tears failed to come out and she smiled. Walking towards her mirror she kicked everything came through her way and with every kick she kicked that asshole in her mind. Maya stood smiling in front of her huge golden frame mirror and tucked her hair back, wiped her tears, picked up her phone and typed

“Arjun, Fuck off. You were a waste of time then and now. Asshole. Bye!”


She came out of her room wearing her black dress and looked flawless with her makeup and smooth hair and the attitude. At 8 pm , Maya is in her conference room handling her board of directors and outside her staff planning a surprise party for her.


What about Arjun? Oh! remember that expensive phone Maya held in her hand with teary eyed waiting for his call. Yes, that same phone is lying on her conference table ringing and has 145 missed from Arjun and 55 messages.


Note :- It’s never tit for tat – It’s always Tit for Tit and Tat for Tat. People realize when make them stand in your shoe. Giving importance is ok, But playing with self-respect while giving importance is NOT at all okay.





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