A Love Like Rain !

Weather is unpredictable And Rain is uncertain.!


Today when I watched the raindrops falling quietly on earth and taking away all the heat from it and simultaneously creating happy faces around. I sometimes feel that Love was also the same, I mean it’s same although but it changes with time.


Here on this beautiful day, when after suffering from 48’c temperature in Delhi  the sky saw our tanned and sad faces decided to remove the heat aside and fell on us , I felt like writing (that’s the only thing I can do haha ! ). Yes, But when I was standing and watching the beautiful rain alone I had so much to type but the moment I started I am loosing words , not because I don’t remember what I thought but because the beauty behind the love of sky and land cannot be described in one such writeup.


Rain has always been nice to earth so much that whenever it faces any kind of heat and not able to bear the pressure of global warming and so many technical terms It Just Starts Falling From The Sky for it and calms it down. And I think this is how LOVE should be. Selfless, Generous, Ready to help, Happy.


Love has always been a complicated and a differentiated word for everyone- people learn from their self experience and then some stay positive some negative and some neutral and some unknown from it. But just like for a correct study of a subject you need to read the correct book likely to conquer love we need to Learn and Learn from Nature. Learn how to love selflessly and unconditionally from RAIN.


How raindrops keeps falling on land till it gets calm and how land reciprocate by getting chill from the efforts done by Rain. And this is how love should be – Supportive!

How Rain without even complaining gives its all coolness to land and thus making the place a better place to live and love. Yes, love should and must be like this – Understanding!

And when Rain shows its love to land even the trees and birds also enjoy with it because Love doesn’t mean only loving one person love means spreading the love to people around.

How Rain gives smiles to people on land and make a happier place for them by sharing the nature with them also – And this is how love should be,not restricting the love and happiness for one person but making people happier and joyful around them.


As you worry I am here

As you cry I am here

As you fail I am here

As you fall I am here

Not behind you Not beside

Just above you, like an Umbrella


I am not a lover neither I have been loved But Yes, I see love and feel it and one day want the same.




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Lets Reap a better world !

Today when I see the world changing and developing so fast, I just came in contact with a news that a girl suicides after her 12th class results not because she failed but because she was not happy with the marks she obtained and that’s what made me write on this topic.

So, when a child steps into this world of competition he/she is unknown of everything that’s going to happen to him /her but the people around knows that how they grew the child will also be going through the same in his/her coming years of development. But do they really change the line of action ? Do they really plan for a better future for the new guest in the world and their lives? Do they really , I mean really PLAN ?

Yes, they do plan ! Our PARENTS (i would describe them as the only source for the child on earth with whom he/she shares their problem and they should because they can guide us the best ) plans for our financial support, our shelter, our clothes our birthday parties our environment etc But  But But they forget to plan finances for their thoughts, shelter for their  dreams, clothes for their issues  etc etc etc. Here, I would like to bring your eyes on the Space/Place unseen in a life of a student/child/developing human being or I would say the future of the nation.


In a child development , Parenting (although a very lengthy topic ) plays the most important role in a child’s life and its development. I would not go in detail, but here in some crisp points I just want to make a better world for a child stepping in a life of any one. So, here I go :-


  1. Don’t assume“Assumption is the mother of all goof ups” because parents generally assume things and never step forward and ask the real situation from their child itself they just believe what they see and forget they have brains and mouth to ask and apply. If you are doing this then please go and ask your child what he/she wants it might be possible he wants to play with those guitar rings rather than those test tubes or vice – versa.
  2. Cut the Rat Race – Please! My humble and a strict request to all the parents in the world. Please save a life and leave the Rat Race. If Ishita became a writer it doesn’t mean that Ruhi will also become the same. Don’t teach them to follow, teach them to lead.!
  3. Throw away negativity – Yes, the more you crib the more you train ur child to become a cribber. And that’s not fair! Right? Just see the positive in everything happening around and no matter if that happening includes ‘he/she failed’. Please, Parents out there is you see the negativity your child becomes the part of it , and come on its universe what we think comes back to us. Just let your child live without going into trauma. A brain without fear not only grows But develops.
  4. Walk on the path,don’t show – uuuummm yes a little tough for parents who wants their child to become a economist and he/she turns out to be a singer for them this point is really tough. But as a tree when stretched forcefully to grow then it doesn’t it grow either it comes out with its roots and DIE.
  5. A pat – In a world where peer pressure , social pressure, lifestyle pressure and many such pressure through which a child goes he/she needs a “happy pat” on his back so that your child knows you are there no matter what happens and you will support them in whatever they chooses to be after all they also have the right to be happy! Right? A seed when grows with love an affectionate does not need even sunlight sometimes.


I am not a Parent but yes I am child and a seed which may or may not grew according to sunlight. So when I face problems I write and want to enlighten parents so that no seed turns out to be a useless plant. Love them, Praise them, Save them, They are alone when they step out from home. And to children out there – “parents are the only source which connects you to god” So , love them back !

All The Best People !


Hope you agree on whats pen downed by me. I will write more on parenting tips and child development. Follow me for more and don’t forget to flow your words on the comments box below!



Raise a problem solver.


Cocktail !


With chill attitude and a coolness of brain she had the mind of ice cream and with soft flavor and stress buster ingredients he had a flavor of coffee. 🍦🍷
She has always been a the cold girl which gave everyone a Stoke of shock with her outspoken attitude when  someone tried to gulp her suddenly just like a soft drink give a chill to nerves. She is fast & cool. 🍹
But HE , he was soothing, soft & cool in mind and sweet on tongue just like cold coffee which comes in everyone’s favourite list and unlike soft drinks had no harms, it just gives you a stress buster.
Just like a mis of ice cream and soft drink she was transparent outside inside and just like a soothing cold coffee he was a fit everywhere.
Yes! They were different!  The only common thing they had was ice – which melts with love!

And they melted in each other’s arm and made a Perfect  Cocktail ! 🍻

P.s – love is not finding the difference , love is accepting the commonest! 💜

Don’t forget to mention your flavour of love in comments ….. !💕