Cocktail !


With chill attitude and a coolness of brain she had the mind of ice cream and with soft flavor and stress buster ingredients he had a flavor of coffee. 🍦🍷
She has always been a the cold girl which gave everyone a Stoke of shock with her outspoken attitude when  someone tried to gulp her suddenly just like a soft drink give a chill to nerves. She is fast & cool. 🍹
But HE , he was soothing, soft & cool in mind and sweet on tongue just like cold coffee which comes in everyone’s favourite list and unlike soft drinks had no harms, it just gives you a stress buster.
Just like a mis of ice cream and soft drink she was transparent outside inside and just like a soothing cold coffee he was a fit everywhere.
Yes! They were different!  The only common thing they had was ice – which melts with love!

And they melted in each other’s arm and made a Perfect  Cocktail ! 🍻

P.s – love is not finding the difference , love is accepting the commonest! 💜

Don’t forget to mention your flavour of love in comments ….. !💕


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