Fly Back !

As I sat on my bed saw my belongings all around my room and the pictures how I was and how I am , I thought of the easy life I had when I was young and young to an extent where I was little in looks and dreams. And this small little poem takes me back to my small little childhood when and where I was happy and only happy!


The childhood dreams , the teenage screams

The world so bright, the s
un so kind

The things that were easy, nothing was messy

Gone are the days, when the things I wanted came for coins

now the dreams are big,hopes are high..

now struggle has become my sky

Play again, fly again, laugh again and cry again

Fall again, get up again, smile again and fight again

Yes, I want to fly back to my childhood again!


7 thoughts on “Fly Back !

  1. You just gave me a flashback to my childhood..
    😌Those were the days I used to fear none..
    Gr8 talent Di.. I never knew my sister has such a
    Creative mind😋😋keep it up…


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