They asked her to come in this world and she came and remained silent 

Went through a lot of pain, she remained silent

Everyone around judged her, she remained silent

Sacrificed her love, she remained silent

Life always tested her, she remained silent

People took her for granted, she remained silent

Love left her, she remained silent

Nature hurt her, she remained silent

Remaining silent has become her habit, A habit which no one could understood.

People generally underestimate the silence around them and assume that that silence is never going to break but they forget even the most silent sea brings tsunami and takes a city inside it. And for me silence has always been a savior you can say because it avoids arguments and things falling down in any relationship. But when everyday there is a need of remaining silent  then there comes a time when you make sure that people around you need to get silent.

#life is tough , its just how you remain strong for it!



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