When you were born!

A year ahead A life ahead

I wish you all the light ahead.

The dreams you plan The dreams you scan

May you fulfill all you can !

The year The months The days The hours 

And every minute and every second you cross

May it gets filled with smiles

May you always live a happy life !

A happy day and A happy birthday

I pray for your happy days!

Whosoever said that life is just uncertain and unpredictable said it right. Yes, you meet good people yes there are people who just exist for good. Yes, there are people who just leave all the negativity when they are around. Yes, there are people who just smile at you and you get motivated. Yes, there are people who never say You can’t. Yes, there are people who has got all the ability to make you stand again after a failure and ask you to face the world. The world has a better view when you better people along.

And today I wana say that I have the best companion beside and behind me and that’s you my Birthday Human!

And may all your dreams come true and May all you wish for comes under your feet, may all your thoughts just come true the moment you even think of it.

Aaahhh ! I ran out of words… all the best! Happy Birthday!


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