Foolish Me! — looking for peace

In the rain when I felt my pain, I thought of escaping

In the noise when I couldn’t hear my voice, I thought of escaping

In the crowd when I could see my wounds, I thought of escaping

But, While escaping for my Peace, I saw my pain I heard my voice and felt my wounds

           And the Pain said its what you feel when you win

           The voice said its what you hear when you fight out your fears

           And the wounds were the proof that I have fought ,fought for and from everything

I couldn’t escape , because the peace was within 

                                    the love was beside

                                    the fears were gone

                                   the battles were won

Foolish I was searched for peace when the peace was right there inside me, the peace was the pillow I sleep with, the books I read, the pictures I upload, the smile I give, the things I share.

Peace was my Pen and my Paper! my Perfect Escape! ❤ 


and I found the ultimate peace!

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