A game he played to loose!

blog 1Rain in Delhi reminds me of the day we met … met for the first time.. O how many butterflies were flying in my stomach together and gave me a feel of strong blood circulation only in that sensitive area…. That day he had cracked his one more successful deal of friendship, relation and a new bond.

While accepting a friend request from a stranger I never knew that it will turn into a bond of Motivational Love, a relation which doesn’t bring you down or changes or ask for any conditions in fact a relation which takes you to a different world of power and success and tells you your capabilities…..

And as he played this game of Hit & Stay forever he won easily and I lost smilingly. And again I wrote a poem which in few lines tells how it started and how we fell for each other..

A request he made, the acceptance she gave

The coffee date and the word beautiful he named

He wore a specs which she loved and a smile which she gazed

The songs that played and The coffee that laid

The focused eyes and her blushing smile

He accepted the flaws, She accepted him all

Life is very uncertain, people whom you never met become the gem of ur life and contribute the most in your life. So let’s leave the things to destiny and let the specs meet the daddy’s girl.

He played the game of words and she lost that game happily.!

“love makes u do crazy thing”

Just for the correct person and the correct time the Perfect person will arrive and will take you to the world of sunshine and green trees where you will breathe and stay healthy..!


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