Go But Stay ! (and he did this every month)

“I am leaving tomorrow” he said again

And his existence was the biggest strength she had!

“Ohh..haan..uumm .. don’t go na” I said again.

So this happened every time he left for his hometown and I was left behind here in Delhi. Every time he made this stupid decision and every time I felt empty inside and deep inside thought of asking him to stay but that would be wrong because family and work has always been his priority…he was the workaholic and the family comes first types … May be I was the last in his list But still whenever his eyes use to meet mine I felt as if there was nothing important than me in his small little life But But But his life was not small little with 2,987 friends on Facebook and 391 followers on Instagram my CEO dint had a small little life… He came with words called ‘busy’ ‘work’ ‘clients’ ‘deals’ ‘payments’ ‘meetings’ ‘motivation’ ‘marketing’ and so on and on and on…. hhuuuffff….. Dealing him was never easy but I found him the best no matter he had so much stuff to deal with and yes I was still the last in his list and trust me he followed his list perfectly and never let the last person feel that she is the last…!

And today when he left for his hometown I just wanted to hold him and keep him in my bag and take him away from this world. His eyes are still following me and I can still feel him looking at me the same way his eyes were chasing me at the metro station… and trust me this is like something which happens every time he leaves for his hometown and every time this happens I feel the same emptiness and every time I tell myself “ab iski adat daal lungi” and every time I just fail successfully…… And today when my spectacle Co-Founder left for Bhopal—I wrote this and every time we love,cry,fight,separate,party or do whatever I write and I owe him all my words …..


you are allowed to leave, but leave your smile here

You are allowed to leave but leave your eyes here

eyes that stare, eyes that love, eyes that say what you could never say

You are allowed to leave but leave your voice here

the voice that’s astonishing the voice makes me feel my presence

you are allowed to leave, but leave that smile here

The smile which is honest the smile which speaks more than ur eyes

You are allowed to leave but leave your hands here

the hands who touched my hand and reached my soul

You are allowed to leave but leave the world and come here

the world who would never let us meet ❤

Dont Go .. Dont leave.. My world is here in your arms..!

And he left.. shit he did not miss his train once again.. The wait makes me think of him more and more and the more I think the more I smile and the more people around me think I need a psychiatrist and Yes! I need my CEO Psychiatrist. Come Soon….!



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