TogetheR (will happen one day)
With YOU I can walk miles. “together forever”

The January month when the Cool Breeze and the Hot Tea sets the perfect combination but having it alone sets the worst feeling. Worst because I was into an age where people around me were getting married , posting their honeymoon selfies on facebook and instagram and everywhere And sitting inside my blanket as I scrolled my facebook wall all I could see was smiling selfies, marriage pictures, check ins into Dubai, Singapore etc with a hashtag #withthebesthubby ufff… who writes like this and the moment I gave this thought my mind took me to the very obvious question of “what will I do when I will go through all this stuff of shaadi pyaar etc. ” and that was the moment when I realized that instead of that stupid hashtag I would write, write for HIM and this is what i scripted at that moment of cool breeze, hot tea and the smile of having HIM…….aaahhh love makes you do just ANythINg and EveRYthING.

Let’s climb the mountain together and feel the snow together

Together let’s feel the see the cool breeze together let’s warm each other.


Let’s walk to the woods together and feel the nature together

Together let’s touch the trees together let’s explore the greens.


Let’s walk to a lake together and feel the waves together

Together let’s play in it Together let’s  clip the fishes in it.


Let’s just fly together

where, the breeze is ours

           the trees loves us

where, the snow hugs us

           the water kiss us.

My never ending love for poems and for HIM.. He who made me this , he who just dragged my soul out of my body and made me do better things in life. Togetherness gives you the best feeling because sometimes only the existence of your love gives you strength.


HappIee BloGGing..!

24th jan’2016




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